crOwBX Voice Board Rev.2 for Oberheim OBX **pre-order**

Sold out.

  **The pre-assembled boards are scheduled to ship by 5/1/2018**

For OBX owners: a drop-in replacement voice board for the OBX synthesizer.  This is a bare (unassembled) circuit board for the experienced DIY electronics hobbyist.  The board implements one OBX synthesizer voice using easy to source components.  The original OBX voice board used custom envelope generator ICs that have since become expensive and hard to find.  The crOwBX board uses standard parts for these circuits, but designed to operate using the same engineering model as the custom IC.  Purchase includes schematic, layout view, and bill of materials.

Note: for crOwBX single voice and four-voice board sets, refer to the "crOwBX Board Set" stock items.



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