Crowminius Euro

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The Crowminius Euro is a two-module system designed to bring the Crowminius analog music synthesizer to the Eurorack format.  The Crowminius Euro comes fully assembled and calibrated.  Module A is the oscilllator/modulation portion and module B is the filter/envelope generators/amplifier portion of the Crowminius synthesizer.  The all-analog sound engine is identical to that of the "do it yourself" Crowminius v1.1.3, which itself is an homage to Dr. Moog's famous model 204D.  Crowminius Euro utilizes over 700 surface-mount components to create a compact, modern and stable studio-quality machine.

  Additional features includes dedicated individual LFOs for PWM of oscillators 1 and 2, control voltage inputs for external modulation and pitch control, two signal mixers to allow both onboard and external signal sources, and control voltage outputs for the modulation system and envelopes.

  This product SKU is for ordering the modules as a set.  They can also be ordered individually, see the other entries in the product list.

  Shipping estimated to begin 3/1/2017.

  More info available at http://www.cs80.com/crowminius



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