CS80 Filter MkII Bare PC Board/Board Set Rev. 2.2

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 NOTE: This version is for 5U/MU or formats other than Eurorack.  Version 2.2 and version 2.3 offer the same functionality; version 2.3 is just set up to make Eurorack assembly easier.  For the Eurorack board set go here:


  This is the bare circuit board as used in the CS80 Resonant Filter MkII module.  The board features the revised MOTM-480 filter along with new features such as provision for bringing all taps of each state-variable filter to an output jack and a very high quality un-dedicated linear VCA that works great as an audio VCA but can easily be operated  in DC mode as well.  There are no trimmers, matched transistors or thermally-bonded parts.  While dual inline header locations have been provided to enable the use of cs80.com's pot and jack boards, every signal also has individual header pads provided to allow for traditional point to point wiring.  The board is 5.5" x 3.8" in size with mounting holes in the MOTM form factor. Build docs provided at time of shipment.

Accessory boards (Input Pot Board, Primary Jack Board, Expansion Jack Board) are available individually (see catalog entries) or as a set (select "Bare Board Set" from dropdown above).



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