CS80 Filter MkII Rev 2.3.2 Boards and Panels

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NOTE: This version is for Eurorack builds.  Version 2.2 and version 2.3 offer the same functionality; version 2.3 is just set up to make Eurorack assembly easier.  For the 5U/MU board set go here:


  These are the bare circuit boards used to build the CS80 Resonant Filter as a 28HP eurorack module.  The board set features Crow's revised MOTM-480 filter along with new features such as provision for bringing all taps of each state-variable filter to an output jack and a very high quality un-dedicated inverting linear VCA that works great as an audio VCA but can easily be operated  in DC mode as well.  The inverting action is provided to enhance filter peak resonances as well as construct notch modes by selectively feeding back taps into the filter's input mixer. There are no trimmers, matched transistors or thermally-bonded parts. The boards are 5.5" x 3.8" in size with mounting holes in the MOTM form factor. Build docs provided at time of shipment.  Build docs as well as a link to a free Front Panel Designer panel file are provided with each order for those wishing to order a ready-made panel.

  Note: the power input connector for eurorack is the 2x5 type, a shrouded header is recommended and is specified in the build docs.  Provision for an MTA-156 type (MOTM) connector is also provided for those primarily building the filter in a format other than euro.

 NOTE: there are five variants for this product. 1) boards only 2) black panel only 3) silver panel only 4) board set with black panel 5) board set with silver panel.  Make sure you are ordering the one you want!



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