KLM-367A Board Replacement Service for Korg Polysix

Sold out.

 In 2001 the first replacement board for the KLM-367A as used in the Korg Polysix synthesizer was offered by Old Crow's Synth Shop at cs80.com.  This is the patch management logic board that reads the synthesizer's front panel and stores up to 32 voice patches for instant recall.  The issue with the original KLM-367A was the NiCad battery used to back up the parameter memory was prone to outgassing at the end of its (10-year) life, and the resulting corrosion tended to damage a critical area of the board, rendering it inoperable.  The replacement KLM-367A is a brand-new board to remedy ailing Korg Polysix owners.

This replacement service does require sending the old board to cs80.com in order to salvage the connectors that are then used on the replacement board, and return shipping charge will apply.



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