MIDICrow4 -- MIDI to CV + Gate/Strig Arduino Uno R3 Shield (assembled) PRE-ORDER

Sold out.

This board is an assembled Uno shield that provides 5-pin DIN MIDI to four channels of CV.  Switchable options include exponential (V/Hz) and linear (V/Oct) CV output modes over a range of 5 octaves from C1 to C6 (0 to 5V), Key assign modes include least-recently used or cycle-shift (same note repeated cycles though all channels) as well as a 1-channel mono-mode that provides an eight-note legato buffer for pitch CV.  Mono mode also provides a velocity CV output, aftertouch CV output, a "keystrike emphasis" gate signal and a "legato/glide" gate signal.  LEDs are provided on-board for gate status.  A 34-pin header that is compatible with the cs80.com JACK-8 board is provided for CV and gate/strig output.  Note: This item is a pre-order and does not include USB cable, MIDI cable or external power supply.*SHIPPING 3/1/2015*


  The MIDICROW4-UINO option includes a "cloneduino" preprogrammed with the firmware for an additional $10.00.  cs80.com's clonediunos use authentic Atmel MCUs and are guaranteed FTDI-free. **AVAILABLE 2/1/2015**




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