NE11000TH GX1 Resonator Board

Sold out.

   This board is for the GX1 bandpass filter/resonator as used in the GX1 voice.  Originally this filter had a fixed Q of 5 and was used to select harmonics from the ramp waveform that could be mixed into the patch.  The NE11000TH filter preserves the exact topology of the 1974 Yamaha original but brings the filter to the modular user.  This includes a variable Q control, 1V/Octave CV response, an FM input with panel control and three audio inputs.  The TH1K version includes a pre-soldered 1K 3300ppm tempco SMD resistor.  Customers who purchase bare boards will receive a pdf document via email that includes the bill of materials and parts placement diagrams as well as operation notes.  MOTM and synthesizers.com power header positions are both provided on-board.



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