"Suiseki" Phase Shifter Module -- Assembled (Delivery late May 2018)

Sold out.

  The Suiseki is Old Crow's 4HP eurorack version of the famous Small Stone phase shifter from the mid-1970s.  From Pink Floyd to Jean-Michel Jarre, this is the sound of those string pads of days gone by.  The Suiseki features an updated design, replacing the CA3094s in favor of widely available LM13600/LM13700 ICs for identical performance characteristics.  The front panel is black FR-4 material and mounts nicely in just about any cabinet or skiff. Note: module is fully assembled and tested. Includes 30cm 2x8 power cable.  User must provide mounting screws.

  The Suiseki modules are estimated to ship around May 28th, 2017.

Audio demo using a Jan Ostmann string tone generator as the audio source.



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